Real Estate Regulatory Authority Registration Online Status at

Real Estate Regulatory Authority: Real estate companies have access to online, new home projects and layouts. For this purpose, the government launched the 9'9cc i-website. These measures have taken place as part of the Real Estate Regulation Act (RERA) implementation. The website of the municipal and urban development department, Karikal Velavan, started at Reha's office at Vijayawada RTC Complex. The construction area is over 500 square meters and each structure exceeding 8 flats comes under the scope of the rega. Curriculum advised businesses to start advertising, brochures, and marketing activities to get the registration number.

Official Website of RERA Uttar Pradesh:

Official Website of RERA Rajasthan:

Official Website of RERA GUJRERA:

Official Website of RERA ANDHRA PRADESH:

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Real Estate Regulatory Authority Registration Online Status at
The Real Estate Registration Number is mandatory for all types of advertisements, or whether the real estate regulatory authority has the power to impose a penalty. Do people have a registration number in construction companies before purchasing houses and houses? Whether or not? Suggested to make sure. The buyers can complain from the website for errors and violations. If you have questions, please mail to