Driving Licence Link to Aaadhar Card Online Process Method

Aadhar Card Link to Driving Licence in Online Process:

A committee on Wednesday told the Supreme Court that the Center is trying to link the driving licenses with Aadhaar. Former Supreme Court Judge Former Justice KS Radhakrishnan has set up a committee on road safety in the past. The committee submitted its report to the Supreme Court on Wednesday.

How to link Aadhar card in driving license online:

On November 28, the committee told us that they had held a meeting with the Road Transport and Highways Ministry's Joint Secretariat and that the Aadhaar intervention would be ready soon to duplicate fake licenses. The National Informatics Center (NIC) is designed to make software available. The committee said in its report that the center will begin to work with the Aadhaar in all states as soon as the software becomes available.

Driving licenses will be issued only if the Aadhaar card is available. At present, there is no obligation to include the Aadhaar card in the license issuance. Licensor's comprehensive information is available.
Driving Licence Link to Aaadhar Card Online Process Method
The Transport Department considers that this would be implemented as the risk of causing casualty cases could be facilitated. In the past, the Department of Transport has also canceled this offer. The authorities have decided to make driving licenses mandatory as banks and other transactions are attached to each of them.