Dharani Website: Telangana Pattadar Passbook Land New Registration and Download

Telangana agricultural land Pattadar passbooks 2018 at 'Dharanai' website:

There will be new pass books for agricultural lands in the state. The distribution of these distributions throughout the state has reached. Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao announced on March 11 that all new papers will be distributed to farmers in all villages. It has revealed that the president or prime minister will be invited to deliver a new passbook distribution program. The 8-hour long review was held in Pragati Bhavan on the reforms in the registry process issued by passbooks. The Chief Government Advisor Rajeev Sharma, Chief Secretaries of Chief Minister S Narsingh Rao, Santhakumari, Secretary Smita Sabharwal, Revenue Chief Rajeshwar Tiwari, Meesawa Commissioner Gita Venkateswara Rao, National Institute of Smart Government GM D. Sridhar and senior manager Sudhir Goli participated in the meeting.

It analyzed the results of the state-run land acquisition purges. Speaking on this occasion, KCR said that in the history of Independent India only Telangana has been undertaken by the purely land records. "This is the mission of the country. The land details are now available at the government. We are preparing new passwords with these details. All the details of the land are registered on the website of Core Banking. We have deduced the name 'Dharanai' to this land website. We are bringing out a clearer new regressive system that does not have any impact on corruption. " The new registrations system will also be implemented from March 11. Registration activities will be started on the same day Mandal Revenue offices. Within the revenue department, there is no longer the land management and registration process. Mr. Wakati Karuna, who is the Director of Land Administration for further coordination between the two branches, has been given additional responsibilities as Registration Department Commissioner.

'Part A' Success .. Soon 'Part Be' CM KCR said that part-a-day cleansing of land records across the state has been successful. Nearly 90 percent of land in rural areas has been clarified that the owner of the land has been cleared. Based on these details, the new pass books are issued and the Crop Investment Support Scheme will be implemented. In the case of court cases, other disputes and objections, the part-bills will be resolved. The government has to take some policy decisions to take part-band it will soon be convened by the Cabinet. Participants in agricultural sector account for about 71 lakhs and all new passbooks.

'Dharanai' on the lines of Core Banking The State KCR said that the state government will conduct the 'Dharani' website by registering changes in every state of the acreage in the state. This website is being run on Core Banking mode and is specifically designed to set up an IT division. Registration details and name conversion details will be registered on the same day, from the Mandal office to the State level at all levels. Those who are abroad can also sell and sell information through 'Dharani'.

The goal is to eliminate corruption and counterfeiting The Chief Minister said that the new Chief Minister of the country is taking new reforms with the objectives of land sales, registrations, land records, 100 percent transparency, preventing corruption and preventing fake passbooks. "Farmers, people often suffer the pain of revolving around government offices. Just go to the registration office simultaneously. The passbook should be reached by courier in their home. Their work should be completed in one day without going to anyone. There should be no regulation of corruption in the form of corruption. The fraudulent passbooks are also fraudulent by the government. That's no longer possible. The government will make land records manageable. That's why we're taking reforms. Everything is recorded in 'Dharani'.

Sub-registrar is responsible The CE has decided to provide the registration for each zone revenue office to enable the farmers to be available to others. There are about 141 Sub Registrar offices in the state and 584 mandals in the state. Sabrijitar will be handed over to the Tahsildars in other places while maintaining them. The Tahsildars are obliged to register for five days a week, except Saturday, Sundays and other holidays. If they can not attend the emergency situations, those responsibilities are handed over to deputies.
Dharani Website: Telangana Pattadar Passbook Land New Registration
Registration in 'Slot' manner There will be no longer a slot on the land dealings of land deals. That means passports and vehicles are sold as registrations, and the buyers have to take time at the sub-registrar after receiving mutual consent. They have to pay the license fee for licensed document writers and register their registration through the written papers.