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2018 New Year in Two Days And we'll keep repeating eighteen times. New Year's greetings are for everyone. The annual festival only once. Enjoy the fun, fun, excitement, excitement and festive occasion. The whole world will be awake once. Jagmantara will be doing for the night of December 31. Shouting, crying, applause, congratulations on the last year of the old year Kakkuthai! New Year's decisions and friends make decisions in every room. Some will run, a few more implementations - like public schemes. There is no risk.

At the bottom of the equator on earth, this one million rupees business runs. Deadline is scheduled for December 31 for implementation of most public private rules. I see many times that any miracle will happen in the end. But nothing has happened, but it has come back to 2017. There is nothing in the new millennium evolutionary moment. But the millennium has become two, so many people have found employment in the software sector. Is it an English calendar.

There are some Kanner in the English year. Chalukuru Archkissa Sriramkam gave me the punishment of the Gunjis with those who told me the greetings. There are special poojas in Hindu temples. Millions of people will fall to see the face of God on January 1. The elders should remember what our myths say. Prahlada was eating and drinking any time to remember. All of us grew up in Christendom in this English calendar. The Shalimar era is heard if you have a radio. Now, are you referring to the Telugu on the good news? We are lunatic and solar besides us. Dharma suspects that any Tamils should follow suit. The preceding events are prevalent with ours; Chaitra; Be sure to subtract the Vadiya Vidya. The direct Narayana, the Sun God, is followed by the English period. Makar infection is annually done on that date.
Different People Different Languages (Stand Together)
Is there a need to bring this new problem to the country when the problems in the country are bundled. Achu is the Telugu proverb that Thachannamma's wife has been born. Datelines on magazines should. Make sure the fats are fat. Between the middle and the middle. Then both birthdays and two lads are wrong. There is not a high month in English. Think!