Bharat Ind Vs Pak Final Match Today 2017 Live Cricket Score In Mobile

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Bharat final with Pak in today's Champions Trophy
Surfrazz group trusted by the senses
Kohshi Sena with swagger
Again ... again ... Indo-Pak quarrel on England soil. We have seen the league match. Let's look at the end! It is true ... playing on the ground ... the ring is 22. But millions of fans are going to be scared. This is all over the match ... There are just a few hours left for the final parade between the two cousins ​​and the two cousins ​​in dancing.

Thanks to the Pak fans who support us in social media. They trust in our team. And I want to stand up to the final match. Our first match was in the hands of India. This will be the case after the Pak performance in the matches played. Inspired by team players. Young players are eagerly waiting for the final match. If we can see our level game, we will definitely get the cup. - Pak Captain Surfraz

It is important for us to get away with social media in matters that are important for the final match. Before the most crucial match, things that are not disturbed are disturbing. The idea of ​​a hundred million hopes is on us once we get into the field of wearing the blue jersey. Fan you also have to come up with an actual result. We are not excited for the final in the final. - Indian captain Kohli

To reach the final of the Pak ...
India lost by 124 runs
South Africa won by 19 runs
Won by 3 wickets against Sri Lanka
Win 8 wickets against England in semis

Ending India's Final ...Won by 124 runs on Pakistan
Sri Lanka lost by 7 wickets
Win 8 wickets against South Africa
9th win against Bangladesh in the Semis

London: The team with the excitement of excitement is on the side ... The team reached the final while on the other hand ... for the 'cup'. India's unbeaten long-time opponent in the final of the India Champions Trophy finalized with consistent victories, The actual fighting here is more than the ICC trophy! Anywhere in the game ... anyone ... if you go to win ... cousins ​​will win here to win the game. The current political and boundary conditions between the two countries change the game color and there is no doubt that a war of color is lethal.

Defending champion India is in amazing form. The top team in the tournament is Kohli Sen. The main weapon for India is Batting .. already the Taparard has shown what they are capable of. Despite the defeat in the league stage against Sri Lanka, the three-wicket triumph has scored. If you look at any source, you can get it from anywhere. That's why Kohli made it clear that he did not need any changes in the final.

'Opening' super hit Indian openers were impressed by the first league match against Pakistan in the tournament. Shikhar Dhawan (317) and Rohit Sharma (304 runs) were the other two batsmen in the first innings. Kohli (253 runs) is on the lineup. One of the top five batsmen in the tournament is India's only three. The experienced midwife with experienced Dhoni and Yuvraj is also strong. In addition, Haridk Pandya and Kedar Jadhav are said to sign up.

Pandya, like Dhoni now, dies in death overs. All-rounder Ravindra Jadeja can breathe in his style. The team did not dare to bowl. In bowling, Bhuvneshwar and Bumra are doing well. With the exception of the match, the Indian bowlers have been battling the opponent's batsmen. But it is doubtful that the spinner Ashwin was seen with the right knee bandage.

The original problem of persistence On the other hand, Pakistan's situation is different. There is no match for the big scores, although the final team team's talent did not underestimate. Striped out of batting with both. New opener Fakhar Zaman is doing well. Captain Surfrazz, including Babur Azam in the Topard, is worried about the rest of their lives. Senior batsman Shoaib Malik did not show a remarkable performance yet. The bowling is strong with talented young pacers. The last semis was with a steamy fitness. Hassan Ali, Junaid Khan, new pacer Riese bowled England batsmen in the last match. But in the crucial final, the Indian batsman in an unusual form should see the match in the match.
Bharat Ind Vs Pak Final Match 2017 Live Cricket Score Today In Mobile
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