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Poor and middle classes are showing the sport off to pull the wheel of life. Every day, workers and laborers are getting the money that they have earned in slavery. Their lives depend on their lives. There are many families in Mathura pandemic who are in the district of Narasuupeta. Once in the city of the bracket, this Mutta town continues to be prevalent. Several people are being beaten and beaten in the wake of difficulties today as they expect to be worth Rs 70 per rupee. Previous numbers of merchants were written on electric pillars and fences in the pre-planned locations. At present, the technology has grown, and the Internet has made it easy to look at the numbers. Although the government has banned this game, it continues to cater to the monthly casualties of the officials. At Pawluri Subba Rao School Near Railway Station, Prakashnagar Rickshaw Centaur, the illegal traders opened two offices and opened the door. Even though the police know the matter, they are being seen to see.

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Every day three shots ..Milan Day from 3 to 6 pm every day, Kalyan from 3 to 6 hours and three types of games are between 7 to 10 pm Milan might. One can from 1 to 1 digits. Pay a cash dealer if any number would like to be wasted. If the number is in the lottery, 70 times traders pay. Cash payment, the desired number This procedure runs in code. No matter what conditions the buyers know how to make a number lottery.

Business in lakhs ..In Narasrubapeta town, every day a daily business of Rs 2 lakh is reported. Agents with three budding merchants in the town expanded the matka business in Chilaluriputthu, Pindhusala, Vichunonda, Sattenapalli, Guntur, Giddaluru, Thadiparthi and Nandyal. The number of people who buy there will inform the merchants every day on the phone. On the second day, the number of customers was called a corporate bank in the city and the merchants were lending money. This money comes from the market. The traders are taking care of anyone who knows who is behind the scenes.
Satta Matka Results Fix Number Kalyan Matka Tips Online
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