In a few Hours 3rd world war starts on may 13, 2017

3rd World War starts in hours on may 13th 2017 Said By Agra Astrologer Pramod Gautam

"The global devastation will begin in few hours. The third world war will start from May 13th. Donald Trump, a cousin of Kuzrahah, will be taken to the most intense efforts to save America. From the west to the east, the globe will be black, "said the world's most famous man, Pramod Gautam. The world media highlighted the latest in the real background of Pramod's assertion that Trump will win in the past.

Pramod, along with his disciples, made great peace in the Yamuna on the Yamuna coast of Agra. Pramod told the media that Yama's brother tried to prevent the war by exposing Yamadarma Raju, the head of death (The God of Death). "From May 13, 2017, Donald Trump will have a huge impact on the scene. It is at this moment that the US is going to face a serious threat. The third World War begins with the decision to take a trump in reaction, "Pramod said.

who is Pramod?
Uttar Pradesh's Prasad Gautam is running a 'Vedic formula' company. Some news agencies refer to him as American Indian. To say that he has proven to predict the future, he became a small celebrity with the truth that Modi and Trump predicted to win. Gautam also performed a yoga. Now that Trump will be the third world war, it has been said that he has made peace in order to avoid it.

Pramod predicted in the style of the Third World War, along with India-Pakistan relations. In the case of Kashmir, the tensions between the two countries are likely to rise and they will soon lead to disaster. A large number of peacekeepers from different organizations participated in the peace Yamana held on the Yamuna coast.
In a few Hours 3rd world war starts on may 13, 2017
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