Condor 4G smartphone Mobile for Rs.1500/- Book in Online

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The current smartphone is growing. Mobile manufacturers are also cutting prices to make customers more comfortable. The phones with advanced features are available in less than Rs.10,000. Coming soon, smartphones come with the price of basic phones. China's mobile chip manufacturing company, SpreadTom Communication, is planning this. At present, some smartphone companies are planning to get a 4-GSM smartphone priced at half the price.

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"We are working to bring a 4G facility smartphone for Rs 1500. We are working with our partners in this regard, "said spreadtrum India Chief Executive Officer Neeraj Sharma. Lava and Micromax have already sold 4G enabled phones at Rs 3,000. Carbon also plans to deliver smartphones at a lower price. Reliance Geo Infocom is offering mainly 4G services. Geo is also planning to bring a 4G smartphone to Rs. Shangai went ahead with a steady growth in the spread trum chip manufacturing division that works. Particularly the main contender for MediaCy, Qualcomm.

SpreadTom Mobile Specifications and Features:

As the world's first LTE feature phone chipset, Spreadtrum SC9820 integrates 1.2GHz dual-core ARM Cortex™-A7 processor, ARM Mali-400 MP1 GPU for 3D graphics acceleration and supports TDD-LTE, FDD-LTE,  TD-SCDMA and GSM modes. It is proficient to further support up to 5MP rear/front camera, 720P video play, FWVGA screen and VoLTE HD video service, thus improving the feature phone user experience. Spreadtrum partners with Algerian cellphone maker Condor to provide North African users a high-performance LTE smartphone solution.
Condor 4G smartphone Mobile for Rs.1500 Book in Online
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