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If you have any new messages to send WhatsApp status during when you see it? Normally you see the earlier calls, chats, contacts replacement to be noticed? The symbol in front of a camera, and then Chats, status, the four newly received calls. Contacts appear to be abandoned. Vatsap the changes introduced around the world. The 'status' of the newly arrived to the home screen. Earlier, despite the opportunity to update the status of the settings, now the status is much more dynamic. If the new status of the subject in any of our contacts, our "status" under the symbol appears. Who changed the profile picture, status update to who are the details. Five seconds is also the time to reply to it. Previously, the status means the profile picture (DP) to change, however, is only a small sentence would have been. But now, the status may also be a short video or photos.

Vatsap 8th birthday on February 24 WhatsApp status this new feature, co-founder and CEO John said. Updates the status of the end-to-end encrypted in the middle of someone else being there is no need to fear. Our contacts are visible only to those who are just. Moreover, we will disappear automatically after 24 hours the status of the message. .. whatsapp is used more and more users to the status of the feature can be used. Android, iPhone, Windows using this new feature, photos, videos, Ziff set up their status, that day, their family members and friends expressed WhatsApp status said in a statement.

Who to see?
Who are we to change the status, we can also see who can set. For this purpose, one of which is the status of privacy. The My Contacts, My Contacts, except, with a share of only appear in one of three options. Cudaccante our contacts first, except one or two to the second, third, we just want someone to select. The default is the first one.

Where are the contacts?
Now the newly updated whatsapp status appear directly contacts. Where to find more of them in the Chats tab  .. we will touch the top of the search button next to a symbol, allowing you to select the contacts that we are there. And displaying the status of their contacts earlier. So now, rather than just their profile picture, we only have to save the name.
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