Top Employer America 2016 is TCS

Top Employer America 2016 is TCS: Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) for the second time in a row, the company is also well-known as the top employer. According to the Institute for the top employer in employer certification agency .. Talent Strategy, Workforce Planning, Leadership Development, Career Management, Compensation-Benefits, Culture, on-boarding, learning development and performance management of the nine sectors, such as high-performance display TCS. Innovative approaches, programs and management expertise through the hiring of employees with their commitment to this award  TCS President (North America, UK, Europe) suri Kant said.
HR operations ahead of the tam, personal, professional development, the creation of suitable conditions, such as offering incentives for good employees, including top companies awarded the Top Employers certification. followed home appliances,USA,data, there are companies like USA Holdings.

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