Freedom251 Mobile Manufacturer Ringing Bells Shuts Its Noida Office

Freedom251 Mobile Manufacturer Ringing Bells Shuts Its Noida Office: Ringing Bells Private Limited recently launched the cheapest smartphone Freedom 251. Its price is only Rs 251. Hindustan Times reported the company at Noida Sector 63 have decided to close their offices. As the ringing bell announced Buy Freedom 251 Smartphone Order Book Online they pre orders payments return. Now the updates of freedom251 smartphone mobile is over.

With the launch on February 17 Freedom 251 phone calls a customer to buy hundreds gathered outside the office.

Bells ringing founder says we are to shift office in Noida and are looking for other places to rent. The owner asked us to vacate the premises of the building, so we have decided to close the office. Rajiv Narula us with building owner had signed an agreement for 11 months, but now that we're talking to evacuate, as they are facing problems from the local authority.

The company has 7.35 million smartphone buyers initially promised delivery. Conversion of office Goel says his clients have promised, we will deliver the phone's phone book and those who do not want to worry them.

"I have signed six agreements with the agencies that contributed to the creation Degin smartphone. So, I Odds am fully confident to deliver on the promise. Yet, people and officials are discouraging me."

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