Ather Electric E-Scooter S340 Booking, Eeview, Specifications on

Ather Electric E-Scooter S340 Booking, Eeview, Specifications on Ather electric scooter S340 unveiled at SURGE 2016 Booking, price, on road price to buy, service center, warranty, how to charge, Features and more information about Ather current byke S340. So far we have seen smart phones, smart watches, smart glasses seen .. also we have seen the end. But now a new Smart scooter market. Backup lithium-ion battery energy company that  scooter -340 S is coming soon. Tech Summit in 2016, it announced that it will launch its Ethernet. This was the company's first venture based in Bangalore. The nation's first smart scooter has expressed pleasure  their dream. Powered by a lithium Ion battery, the S340 offers an impressive top speed of 72kmph and a range of up to 60kms.

IIT Madras Alumni Jain, both petrol and diesel vehicles and other fuel except lacking. Electric scooters come in the meantime, they may not be much on the causes, the problems have been studied. Why were they. As a startup company, started in 2013, the Ather energy. As a result of the electric Smart scooter . With the help of lithium-ion battery backup Ather S -340 to design the scooter was a success.

Dashboard touch screen, a remote control application, which features a light-sensing head lights. In addition, our country is currently up in the air that are not available? to provide updates. Charging can also be very fast, 50 minutes, 80 per cent said it would be charged. The maximum speed of 72 km to be charged once .. going off up to 60 km. Also, the scooter battery is not yet known how far the GPS also want to go anywhere because the map to find the scooter on the dash board. Also, on their way to the middle, where the charging points are also shown. Join how that bit of momentum going .. destination. This may be booked online only smart said. The vehicle is delivered to the door. But that still did not announce the price.

-340 S is the first smartphone scooter manufactured. Smart scooter will tell to what extent this should be a success.

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