Mahesh Babu Aagadu Movie Review and Rating 2014

Mahesh babu Aagadu Movie Review and Rating 2014: 'We are mahesbabu third film, which is being built. Like a superstar coming out of the three films, the possibility that our luck that the Anil Sunkara, Ram Achanta, Gopichand Achanta said. G. mahesbabu hero. Ramesbabu darsakvanlo presentation by Seenu Vaitla 'Koratala Shiva to Direct' will be released tomorrow, ahead of the audience. On the occasion, Anil Sunkara, Ram Achanta, Gopichand Achanta patrikalavarito in Hyderabad on Wednesday, said - 'the world is going to release the film in theaters for almost two millennia.

The story of the police officer to stop the incessant discipline he wants to achieve it, "he said. 'Veedintha' film, 'agaduki is talk The question - 'Mahesh is also the police officer, so it s all that counts. With the exception of the film, there is no comparison failing somewhere. Mahesh's character is very fresh. He is fight, dance .. Overall, fans of the film festival is that.

The film was made ​​for the crucial moments in Bellary. As such, the mining mafia in the wake of news that the film has been speculated. It is not true. By far the most stylish films of the film, which was made ​​by Srinu. He made ​​the 'dukudu, this is the difference in terms of taking' he said. Police dressed belt is crucial, therefore, to make the world's longest Police i belt, the belt length is approximately 12 thousand feet, Vizag RK Beach, the producers of this belt Nag said.

Super Star Mahesh Babu's 'Koratala Shiva to Direct' Creating records in the case of the release of the film. Honestly, it would be released in America nearly 159 screens, said Anil Sunkara, one of the producers. Telugu film released in the United States, which so far has not been such a wide range, their distribution partner iros International Gratitude to this, he said. More than one hundred movie screens in North India, they are also released.

Not so easy to achieve a telugu movie screens in North India, which is the reason he said. Mahesh Babu Srinu, who was taken in the second film 'Tamanna he was pretending to be the opposite. Srutihasan, Sonu Sood, Brahmanandam, is playing an important role. Confirm the huge success of the film Anil Sunkara said. It would be the audience's expectations accordingly.