This is a dish video got 8 crores views


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Cooking .. Woman's big tastes are very much today. This is not the reason for cooking. So quick and easy to cook. Online cookery channels come in the background. These channels, which are introducing newest and easy recipes, are now crazier. These videos which show how to do cooking are very impressive.

So a company online recipe was observed in just a few days by a total of 8 crores. What about that dish? 'How to make homemade ice cakes?' That's the recipe. This is true of the letters. This video was uploaded by Garnish.

Garnish is a parody cooking page on Facebook. Usually, Facebook has many cookery pages. It will post cooking videos. But they are balanced in garnish. These are funny cuisine videos. On April 19th, a video was posted on How to Make Homemade Ice creeps. At the end, ice cubes were made with cilantro. It is strange that it is a cook. This video has already been viewed more than 8 crores. How to make ice cream.
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