Third world war video leak in online hackers Anonymous Official

World War Three Video warns by  Anonymous - They are preparing for what comes next... (WW3 2017-2018)

A group of hackers who claimed to be Unanimous (unidentified) posted a video online warning that the Third World War came close and warned that the war could not be started. In the past, World War I also stated that the Third War will not happen for years or months, like World War II. The hacker team estimates that this war is sooner than ever before and it is harsher.

Anonymous hackers also claim that the consequences of the Third World War occur on the North Korean Peninsula. China and Japanese governments have also issued a warning that this is a warning. Hackers have referred to America's testing of three continental missiles, including the US Thad Intercontinental Missile Defense System, in South Korea.

Hackers are also the preparations for war, as well as the military arm of the North Korean border. The Chinese government issued a travel alert to withdraw Chinese citizens from North Korea. China claims that no more than ten minutes to survive the North Korean nuclear attack. Hackers say that the world will split into three groups and war against each other.

Whose leadership does not specify that the groups are formed? If the United States and North Korea split into two groups, then there is no clarity in the words of the country's third party, It is also noteworthy that Russia does not mention the name. They say that the Third World War is not going to happen and that they are only saying that there are definite conditions for the war. The hacker who spoke on the seven-minute long video released by Anonymous Hackers was masked by him without recognizing him.
Third world war video leak in online hackers Anonymous Official
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