If GST is going to change the price of goods and services list here

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GST tax rate benefits?

Assocham has described the GST as the biggest achievement of Modi. The GST has stated that the Government has achieved the previous three-year rule. Assocham has issued a report on the reforms in the financial sector during the three-year rule of Modi. Assocham said the Center has taken some steps including financial services, digitalization, investment and power distribution. The GST was described as the biggest reform since independence.

 The GST will also help to facilitate business management by making it easier to change the tax system. The retail and wholesale price inflation was controlled by the government as one of the other positive achievements. Referring to the measures taken for clearing subsidies. "Foreign exchange reserves reached $ 372 billion. This will make the rupee stronger. As a result, inflation will be tightened. "

Inflation suggests that interest rates will continue to be lower if RBI's target range remains below 4%. Unemployment and private sector lenders have expressed concern over the absence of NPAs. The government should focus on priority areas such as metals, construction, realty, telecom and power generation. To increase allocations for education and medical sector.

What is GST in India?

What is GST all about? Newly proposed Utility Tax (GST). The GST is said to have caused 12% of non-AC hotels, 18% on AC restaurants, 28% on star hotels, and the risk of closing several hotels. The South Indian Hotels Association called bandh on 30th of this month against the GST rate.

The GST to 5 per cent. With the latest tax system, many hotels will be shut down, causing millions of livelihood losses and a risk of falling on the road. He announced that they would soon have a great anxiety in their community.

Restaurants, hotels
There is no tax on the annual turnover of Rs 20 lakh. There is a 5 percent levy on restaurants having a 50-year-old turnover and a choice of a compensation plan. Rs. 12 per cent of non-AC restaurants with an annual turnover of more than 20 lakh, 18 per cent on AC restaurants with alcohol sales license and 28 per cent on five-star hotels.

Prices do not change ...
Milk, vegetables, fruits, bread, balsam rice, wheat flour, cereal grains

Excluded services
Education, medicine, secondary and local trains tickets

Slightly reduced.
Cargo transport, AC train travel, economy class air travel, cab aggregator services, cinematic tickets in some states. However, the Business Class flight ticket prices and the contract price may be reduced or still present.

Increase ..
Betting in the race clubs. The government says the prices of the input tags are likely to be in the range of the tax rate on telecom and financial services.
If GST is going to change the price of goods and services list here
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