How to Protect Computer from WannaCry Version 2.0 Virus

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how to protect the computer, laptop, pc or mobile smartphone using android or ios there from virus WannaCry ransomware.. Experts warned that cyber could be struck down while trying to recover from the vanity created by Wana Cry. It is also clear that the possibility of going on Monday. 1.25 lakh computer systems have been badly damaged by the WanaCry (RyanSmware Virus) worldwide. However, the upcoming cyber virus could have been twice as threatening as possible and warned that there would be no chance of recovery. The UK security research firm MalwareTech, which helped reduce the effect of RyanSmoor's attack, made it clear.

"Ransomware (Wana Cry Version1) We have been able to reduce the damage. But we can not stop coming (Vana Cry Version 2.0). Hackers have the opportunity to upgrade the virus and remove the 'kill switch' option and get a new attack. The only solution is to patch the computer system as quickly as possible, "the company's spokesman tweeted. Many malware research experts warn the same thing. Europe's leading security expert Rob Wyartite said two hundred thousand victims were infected in 150 countries.

What is WannaCry:

cyber defenses for new ransomware attacks WannaCry Viruses, Hackers, and Spies.

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"We are on the verge of a great deal. The number of victims of the virus attack on Friday is increasing ever more. I can not tell you how much of this danger is going to happen after work on Monday morning after work again, "he said. "Cyber criminals can not recognize anyone. But we are making all the possible efforts. We will soon recognize them and put them before the law, "said the UK National Crime Agency.

Ransomware Virus wannacry Cyber Virus Version 2.0:

The threat to India Our country's cyber security agency (Sert-In) has warned that the threat to India has been threatened with the Vana cry of the world. All Internet users have alerted that their computers should be remotely locked, as the virus impacts may be high in workplaces (workstations). In this direction, 'Critical Alert' was issued in Sert-In red. "The Vana Cry is rapidly expanding in India. This virus encrypts files in Windows Systems Hard Disk. The computer then spreads in the local area network (law).

The virus is also spread through unwanted attachments in e-mails. " Already affected by the impact of hospitals, telecommunication companies, police computers and other companies across the country have been severely damaged. This virus will block all your information until the computers pay a certain amount of money to the hacker online. Please read the PDF file on the screen. The text file contains information on why the computer is blocked. 'Files containing the Vana Cry Virus. LV 6,.SQLLIT 3, .SQLLIT, TB, Java,.DAX files. Sert-In warns that these files should be cautious.

Department of Information Technology:

The Central Electronics and Information Technology Department has landed on the Wana Cry virus. RBI, National Payments Corporation of India, NIC and Aadhaar (UIDAI) have warned companies to remain alerted. The payment system of digital payments in the country has indicated the need to take the necessary steps to ensure the safety of the system.
"Special attention is paid to Ryan's destruction. We are continuously consulted with relevant agencies to play this game, "the ministry said in a statement. The Telecom Ministry, Internet Service Providers, Data Security Council of India, CDACs are advised to advise on the security of the virus.

How to Protect wannacry virus
The basics Sert-In warns that crucial infrastructure companies such as banks, airports, telecom networks, stock markets, defense and power sectors should be careful about the Vana cry. The Wana Cry, which is the largest cyber-war in history, recalls over 100 countries, including the US and Russia. However, there is no information that has been reported in India, except for the Andhra Pradesh Police system.

Yet all government agencies and public services have warned that alertness should remain. All the things that were to be done and not to be brought to government departments. "Internet users currently using Microsoft's software patch are not required to worry. Other people should immediately apply for this patch, "says Sert in. The Maharashtra Police on Sunday revealed that the wannacry virus has been affected.

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