how to check your pc effect by WannaCry ransomware virus Attack


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How Ransomware Ware Effect
The list of victims of  Wear emerged as a threat to global nations, challenging the security of modern technology. Already this cyber attack has been created in 150 countries.

The company confirmed that some of the units of Japan's largest motor giant Nissan Motor Corporation are currently vanquished. But it did not have any effect on their business. Hitachi spokesman also said that their files are not open, e-mails have been frozen and no original delivery.

About 30,000 companies, including government agencies in China, have been affected by rhythm other. China Security Software has revealed that lakhs of computers have been infiltrated by the Vana Cry. The computer virus, university, research centers, ATMs, and hospital computers have been damaged, according to the China Antivirus software company Qihoo 360. The cyber attack was reportedly late on Saturday evening. According to the China Cyberspace Administration, the virus is spreading in the country. However, the company said the expansion rate was low.

The IT media reported that the IT computers in the railway system had a virus attack. However, the impact was not on operations. The virus has also been detected by the Interior Ministry and Telecommunications Systems Megaphone. However, a very small percentage of systems reported that this virus was infected. Vladimir Putin, who is not associated with Russia in the case of Vana Cry Virus The US intelligence community has criticized it for creating it. But there is no need to strengthen the cyber security system, "Putin said.

Spain: The company confirmed that Spain's telephone giant Telefonica (TEEF) was targeted at Vanacra.

UK: The National Health Service (NHS) has reported that six organizations have been attacked. The UK Government convened a Crisis Response Committee (COBRA) to review the situation.

Germany: Passengers have been identified with the RyanSmare effect on the railway system (Dutch Bahn).

NEW DELHI: The Government on Monday revealed that Vana Cry ransomware has not been affected by India. Union IT Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad said that there was no major loss to Kerala except Andhra Pradesh. All computers running under the National Informatics Center are working to ensure that the virus works smoothly. Many government departments, including electricity and GSTN, have also clarified that their systems are safe.
how to check your pc effect by WannaCry ransomware virus Attack
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