Facebook Banned Live viral Videos on 2017

#facebook stopped Most Viral #Videos 2017

There is no viral facebook videos 2017 now social network websites facebook going to stop most viral videos on facebook and live illegal videos on the timeline. On this popular videos on facebook this week. People who are how to find viral videos on facebook it's not available now.

Social media Facebook will open another sensation. The Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced on Wednesday that 3,000 more people will be recruited in this regard. Facebook He said that millions of reports on videos are being worked out for quick review. To build a secure society, he said we need to respond faster. Zuckerberg said that the past couple of days committed suicide in the Facebook Lives of violent events.

He posted on his Facebook page that these are very painful. The 'Report Video' has already been posted on the Facebook page for booking on inappropriate videos. However, due to the delay in reviewing these complaints, the videos have been hit by the social media in the media. This the process of removing unsolicited videos. New recruiters will be able to monitor videos coming from Facebook Live Streaming or Up, Load or Facebook.
Facebook Banned Live viral Videos on 2017

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