cyber ransomware attack wannacry cyber security professional kill switch


need to know about the WannaCry ransomware cyber attack @MalwareTechBlog give the solution

Ransomware  has been found to have a glimpse of the whole world. A cyber security expert in Hong Kong accidentally found a killer switch. If you use it, this virus does not do anything on our computer. At present, this is the only drug that can stop depression. This cyber expert tweeted with a Twitter handle called @MalwareTechBlog. He unexpectedly detected it, but explained that it could stop the spread of the domain name by registering a domain name that uses malware. He explained that they are reliant on the unregistered domain and that they are attaching the malware spread by registering it. To avoid the cyber attack, people have urgently urged to update their systems. The crisis has not yet come to an end, he said that they could always code and try to attack again. Hackers who targeted the network of hospital hospitals in London earlier on Friday, then regularly attacked many countries in the world. They also found a defect in the American National Security Agency. Hackers used a technique called Ransomware. This means that all files are locked. To unlock them, hackers are required to pay as much as they want in the form of bitcoins. Russian hospitals, Spanish Telecom giant Telefonica, American Delivery Company Fedex from British hospitals, and many other companies have been affected by these hackers.

What is WannaCry and how its work and can it be stopped:

Although the Hongkong expert finds this rhyming system, it can only work for infected computers. It is said that the attack is only a pre-requisite vaccine to prevent it from happening. The malware name they are using is WR. But analysts use other variants, such as Vannakir. In order to leave Britain's network of hospitals, they demand 300 dollars in bitcoins. He also warned that if the amount was not paid in three days, it would have to double. If you do not get anything within seven days, you are threatening to delete all the files. At Saturday morning, 45 thousand cyber attacks occurred in 74 countries, according to researcher Castin Rey, an anti-virus company.
cyber  ransomware attack wannacry cyber security professional kill switch
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