atm stopped for WannaCry open software windows update rbi announced


When will be atms and banks open will update soon when the windows software update completed

The Wanni Crisis virus, which is celebrating the world, has been directed by the RBI banks to shut down ATM centers until Windows is updated. In the form of bit coins, the WannaCry demanded the cry of the Ransomware Ware into the computer.

The world is alerted to the news that it is still being reported for the second time on the second day. Most of the victims of Wanna Cry victims are Windows Operating System. About 90 percent of Indians are dependent on Windows. About 60% of the 2.25 lakh ATMs in our country run with Windows operating system.

It has issued orders to open ATMs till the RBI security update is undertaken. WannaCry aims to steal people's money from ATMs, locking information on networks and demanding money, a bank official said.

If Wanna Cry ATM networks are hacked, customers can not take any transactions. However, there are rumors that two South American banks have already been hacked. The RBI has not made any statement on it yet.
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