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The whole length of the film is 171 minutes and 50 seconds 'Parameshwara is this child's birthday' is the start of the film with Shivagami dialog. Titles with 'A Passion a Sacrifice' song As the giant cave goes for the stem, the shiva is at risk. Blondie comes and saves. Then comes the song 'Sohore'. The song was impressed with the impressive song. This song is about to make a huge canvas.

Bijjaladevu comes up with a grudge against Amartendra Bahubali's coronation.Shiva killed the devotees who did not do the bhakala goddess Maharaja! There will be discussion between father and son.

Sivagari orders Amarindra Bahubali to travel to the country during the Pattabhishekam.
Amarendra Bahubali walks out of the country to get a better understanding of the people.
\Bahubali falls in love with Kuntharajaya princess Devasena.
The scenes of the kingdom of Kuntha are the feasts of the eyes. As a coward, Amarendra Bahubali comes to the kingdom. Smiling flowers.

Baahubali 2 Movie Review in US, UK and India:

Devasena is coming to Kumara Varma (Subba Raju).

'Do not lie than the song' Muripala Mukunda '. Anushka is very beautiful in this. Visuals are impressive.
Amarendra Bahubali in love with the kingdom is in love with the Goddess Bhajalas and Bizhajal Deeds are aware of. The speeches that came to the empire of Mahishimi show the Devasena picture to the Brahma god. The goddess falls in love with the goddess. The story is a key turning point in the height of the Bodhala Goddess to take over Devasena.

The most dramatic consequences for this occasion. The original drama of the director Rajamouli shows on the screen. The sequences come in a row that increases the curiosity of the audience. This is the key to the next story.

Devasena will enter the Mahishim Empire with unpredictable consequences. Every scene that comes after that is very much in the story. Amartra Bahubali will face a vicious test. Then the decision to take the ambulance will be unprecedented. The Devasena appears on the screen, all the sequences from the time of the break-up. The interval takes the 'Mahishima Vapiri'

After a break the sequences are going to be shaky. There are strong sequences in the story. Amarendra Bahubali will have to leave the kingdom with the consequences of one after another. The song 'Dandalayya ..' will be a serious emotion. Bahubali finally leaves Mahishmati. Dramatic plays not only increases in scenes. Will there be a scene after which interest can be increased? That's the thrill. The spectator is completely immersed in the story.

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The question of why the killing of Bahubali is to kill the question of the millions of filmmakers who are eager to know the answer will be opened in the next few hours. The Bahubali-2 colonel started with a number of film fans around the world. The first time the movie audience came up with is the first review of Bahubali 2. Prabhas, Rana and Rajamouli fans have come to appreciate the average audience of the audience. UEA who saw the film in Dubai, UMC Sensor Board Member Umiri Sandhu has been rated on social media Twitter and Facebook personal account.

Bahugali-2 is the opposite of Hollywood movies and the scenes are awesome. Comparing this movie with 'The Lord of the Rings', 'Harry Potter', the unwritten films of Hollywood. The strongest story in the film, the city of Mahishimi, waterfall and tall peaks are a special attraction.

Everybody is competing and acting in the cast. Prabhas said that he has done well in his life. In the role of Balladadeva, Rana is a different person and can not imagine him. Rajamouli is an amazing man among Indian film directors, and he has no idea that Rajamouli is in the process of screening the story.

The film's spectacle is fantastic, Sets, VFX, Sound, Cinematography, especially screenplay, dialogue and storytelling. He claimed that the box office records were totally reversed.

Umiri Sandhu's rating for Baahubali 2 movie: 5/5

Many people tend to make the villain's role as a hero. And always fear that such characters will come. Rana is not afraid of the matter! 'Baal Bhalla' with his acting in 'Bahubali' His performance in 'SSB Rajamouli' 'Baahubali' was a great success for Indian filmmakers. On April 28th, he shared the views of 'Bahubali: The Conclujan' audience.

"Bahubali" demonstrated that the whole country can not take a picture to be viewed. There is no such big image in any language. The country is ready to see if there is a great story of faith in the country where the superhero film is confident and trusted. Now all the filmmakers in the country have started to think heavily. That's the big deal they have to say 'Bahubali' licensed. It was a huge budget of Rs.450 crore. So everyone who plays it has got good recognition. If I did a different role rather than the role of 'goddess', Because 'Bahubali' movie franchise is much bigger than other movies. Even then I will be part of the film.

Bahubali "has broken my acting boundaries and puts on the new platforms. We've been sitting here and made a big franchise. The film has taken on this picture. Wherever we are, we have to teach the 'Baahubali' of any kind of story. Knowing how to understand a role greatly by working in such a great movie. This made it possible to work with amazing actors, the most talented director. In the future I have become well aware of the 'Baahubali' working on two parts to choose any of the images and characters.

The second part is the continuation of the first part. People have been waiting for this for two years. There is no expectation of the success of the film when the first part is screened. But after the release of the film, our expectations have become all the way. Acquired the 'Bahubali' around the world. The second part of it inspires you to be stronger and more radiant. And finally, the second part is bigger than the first part.

'Bahubali: The Beginning' is just the introduction of the characters and the real drama is in 'kankulujan', director Rajamouli said. But a role is put in a lot of suspense. The role of Subba Raju. Subaraju's role in the second half is Kumara Varma. Devasena (Anushka) was seen as Subba Raju in the role of Kumar.

Everything was new at the time of 'Baahubali: The Beginning'. Particularly the battle scenes were made for the first time. Nobody knows what the original sequence is until the visual effects are added. That is why every day is a challenge for us. By the second part, physically working harder. I have not left any way to make the film stronger. We have taken care to avoid mistakes in the first half. We have done the film without compromising the budget.

The definition of victory at the box office is another way. Sometimes it may be too much. We wanted to make a picture of major war scenes during the first episode. And we've got it. Now we are taking a picture of the war scenes that make the ball tipping off. We overtake our picture. There is no doubt in it.

That's really great. It is a blessing that everyone has been waiting for for two years after the 'Bahubali 2' franchise. Because they loved the movie, the characters and the love for us. That's why in every case we are with us. At present there is no interest in them. Now the film is going to be released and it has grown even more

I never thought I would play a role like this at the age of the war. It is not even worth to get such a role. But I am very happy to have done that. This film is very special to us.
Can not compare with other pictures

"The pictures like Bahubali come very rarely. This picture should not be compared to my other images. Recently I made 'Ghazi'. It's a completely different image. Worked specifically for it. Keep working on what film you're doing. Please make another picture with the theme of war. That image may not be greater than that. Then the two pictures can be seen.
Baahubali 'is not an Indian' game Dhrons'. It's a television show. But the audience came forward with a great story. 'Bahubali' is different from 'Mahabharata' and 'Amara Chitra' for 'Game of Thrones'. That's true. "
Baahubali 2 Review Telugu, Tamil, Hindi and English Live Updates 2017
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