Jayasudha husband nithin kapoor suicide details

jayasudha husband suicide what is the reasons to died nithin kapoor:

RGV leading JAYASUDHA husband, film producer Nitin Kapoor had committed suicide. His own office in Mumbai Nitin Kapoor (58) committed suicide. Bollywood actor Jitendra, back, brothers Nitin Kapoor. Nitin Kapoor, however, did not know why the death thing. In 1985, he married JAYASUDHA. Nihar them, the two.

At 2 o'clock in the afternoon on Tuesday, he had committed suicide came to light late. Sreyannu JAYASUDHA, son, have been introduced recently as a hero. Said there were no problems regarding family. Now, however, why such a drastic decision, but has not been deciphered. There are no economic difficulties between the two. Nitin Kapoor, health issues and did not even say anything. Both the industry to be more reciprocal, appear happy to say.

Nitin Kapoor, who was the assistant director of the film .. JAYASUDHA after the heroine of many movies. He was on the flag combines films., Mera Pati Sirf Mera built in the movies.
Jayasudha husband nithin kapoor suicide details
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