how to get it Airtel 30GB free Internet data offer

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Enterprise customers with the offer as soon as possible ahead of the leading telecom operator Airtel symptom the offer. Airtel, sir? Praise offer free data only for its post-paid customers, according to 30 GB. March 13, over a period of three months of free data service from Airtel, to provide its customers. However, the 10 GB per month. A total of 30 GB, which means that customers can enjoy free of charge. Customers will have to claim this free data until March 31. Moreover, the offer of post-paid customers of Airtel for accessing Google Play or the App Store, Tell 'would be to download the app.

To claim this offer, Sir Prize in promoting a dialog box for users this app. Clicking on one of these free data services become available. The company gives users a text message with additional data facilities. The introduction of new prepaid recharge packs offer a few days of the telecom giant Sir Prize brought for customers. Currently, prepaid customers 1 GB of data per day to Rs .345 plan provides the opportunity to make use of. However, after the whole day of the 500 MB and 500 MB, data usage for 12 hours from midnight until 6 o'clock in the morning is. Throughout the day, without limitation, use of 1 GB of data is required to recharge with Rs 549.

Jio stands to survive in a competitive market offers free several telecom companies. Airtel also announced innovative offers to its customers. It calls for Rs .349 K, 1 GB of data per day, for 28 days, he said. One interesting thing that came to light in relation to this offer. Many offers to attract new customers, call charges for the advertised customers that turn to the stroke.

It is totally free and not subject to the limits Airtel customer complaint saying only does this offer. There are essentially unlimited free calls. 500 minutes per day, per week, more than 1200 minutes of free do not have the opportunity to a day for four weeks, only 4800 minutes to 5 hours (300 minutes) can not speak beyond. If more than 5 hours talk and 30 paise per minute charges would be coming to get the answer from the customer care.

As well as 1200 minutes per week extra charge 30 paise per minute and can do more than talk. 1 GB per month 28 GB per day night until 6 o'clock in the morning from 12 to 500 MB, 500 MB should be used in the morning until 12 o'clock at night to 6 hours. Ivisayalanni is to say if the Customer Care phone.

The tariff plans that customers should react to Airtel charges.
how to get it Airtel 30GB free Internet data offer
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