Tamil Nadu New CM Sasikala from Anna DMK

Selvam to resign, to clear the line for Sasikala 

In Tamil Nadu, the political consequences are faster. As a recent campaign took place in a key ruling. Anna DMK general secretary, Jayalalithaa, Sasikala Natarajan necceli? Selvam rose to be the chief minister to have resigned. His resignation letter sent to the governor. Said the letter would resign for personal reasons. Date fixed to sworn on 7th February morning 9.30 Am.

Poyes Garden in Chennai on Sunday? Anna DMK parliamentary party meeting held in the perfume Selvam resignation letter was handed sasikalaka. Shashikala legislature party unanimously elected leader of the party. Selvam's name rose to the post of chief Shashikala proposed ministers, said Anna DMK MLAs support. This paved the way to become the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu Shashikala. Two, three days, will be sworn in as the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu Shashikala. Selvam rose after the meeting, Shashikala reached Anna DMK headquarters.

After the death of Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalithaa, Anna DMK general secretary in charge had Shashikala. After taking over the reins of the party to sit on the altar of the chief pieces of Sasikala news came. The key responsibilities entrusted to his close party. She pulled out at the behest of the authorities, as well as the close jayalalitaku. Anna DMK parliamentary party leader Shashikala this day might come true cesaranna legislature party meeting. Selvam's perfume had to resign as chief He had to resign without any exception information.

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