How to transfer money to bank account through Aadhar Card

How to send money to a bank account from Aadhar Card:

Aadhaar based payments are to begin soon
Mobile, debit cards can not have a payment
As of September 2017, 20 lakh Aadhaar-based payment centers
The goal for the next year and a half billion cashless transactions
Bhim app has been downloaded 125 million
Cancellation policy to attract foreign investment
The common good of digital transactions
The banks will pay 10 million
Passports issued by post offices

Attuned with senior citizens health record athar change health centers Wellness Center 67 lakh in the field of electronic manufacturing 250 investment proposals Infrastructure sector allocation of Rs 3 lakh 96. Financial sector reform agenda continues The new FDI policy revision Rs 5 for telecom fiber connectivity.
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