How to Improve Jio Internet Speed Download or Browsing

How To #Increase #Jio #Internet #Speed #Download:

how to increase reliance jio 4g download speed apn settings android. The coming months will double the existing jio data, Mukesh Ambani said. Telecom companies charge equal to 20 per cent of the net, in order to ensure the highest data said. Jio tariff plans start from April 1, Ambani said. It all voice calls and data free, no roaming Charges, No Hidden Charges announced in the press conference that the Ambani on Tuesday.

How to get increase jip 4g internet speed:

Jio User open network setting option on your android or iPhone mobile.

Then click the Mobile Networks option from settings.

Now open the access point name of visible Jio India Sim.

Here choose the sim slot of Jio Sim to choose new APN then click Save.

Method Alternate option increase jio net speed:

Open your mobile settings.

Then choose the network operation.

Now open the network wich the network slot like sim 1 or sim 2.

Here select the apn choose automatically network select.

After jio and network register then restart or reboot your mobile phone.

Now see your jio net speed test its will more than 1mpbs.

Speaking on the occasion ... until 2017, will cover all the villages in the jio said, Ambani. Ambani said that 100 million GB of data per month and used as users. Teliparudesanlone 3.3 million GB per day used as the largest consumer of data, said that Jio.

Was No. 1 in the world in the use of data, jio said that before the arrival of mobile data usage in the 150th place. Close to 10 million users in just 170 days, thanks to all those who have announced.
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