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Many college students in the district during the day, as said many interesting things.  love is not limited to a girlfriend ... is involved in a large family. Behind the decision-making related to blood relations. Today's generation of adults to be sealed said two positions.

To compete against the world's future. Today's generation is said to be a waste of teenaged questionable. Like the girls ...love is the beginning, and then capture the madness of dowry. Hope to see the birth of his friends in order to bring money into the millions. A young woman who married against her parents at the time, where will it go? Who will approach? Think of all the ... I love that woman is an uncertain decision to come over.

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Many opportunities  The failure of love to another girl in order to get ready. How many of her minds, but the wedding is complimentary. Dried trunks should live life. Despite the difference in how boys. But the lives of the girl. Where is alone. arranged behind the family is a married son and admonished something wrong dwell. Ademi marriage is not loving. Separation is also due to a deepened love. Despite the uproar break for a few days with her husband ... the husband goes ... and that takes thrill cry.

Well-established education and life after the wedding will not be any problems. Like the boys ...love That would cost anywhere for the girl lying drunk. Tipputam anywhere. Even after marriage, as well as to.. I do not want to love. convincing parents bring home. But the atmosphere at home, a reversal of what adults do in bed. All the guys are wrong. Mukku, in the face of suffering, and if they are no longer in the house has been faced with an unknown girl, the word hell. They married and had no problem with the adults to take children to see.

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a mature married and settle down with a career. Comforts will be hard. Otherwise, it must be humiliated before.
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