Vintage Film Actor Om Puri Died while heart attack detail Photos

Film #Actor #Ompuri #Died while heart attack detail Photos

Veteran actor Om Puri proud of India (66) Died Friday morning after suffering a heart attack at his residence in Mumbai. Hundreds, Bollywood, Telugu and other regional languages, Pakistani, Hollywood films a variety of roles. Commercial and art films all sections of the audience favorite.

The drama, the film industry is in the death of specialist services provided by Om Puri Actor in a tribute to the great deficit, said Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Om Puri, who lived to the last breath of the breath at the sight of lying close.

In 1950, Om Puri was born in Ambala on October 18 .. tremendous interest at acting in the Pune Film Institute completed involved. National School of Drama made in the course of time, Om Puri, Naseeruddin  bond between .. soon become best friends. 'Ard truth', 'Jane Arrow', 'par' and acting in films such as audience. In addition to the eight Filmfare awards received two national awards. Also in 1990, the fourth highest civilian award, the Padma Shri Award offer.

Who is Om Puri?

Ompuri is also known for Telugu audience. English 'offsets', he acted in the film directed by Ram Gopal Varma' night 'witches' appearance in the film. Kannada, Punjabi films have important roles in several Hollywood films. Ompuri the first time in the career of four decades' on the malum ',' actor-in-law, "the two Pakistani films Om .
Film Actor Om Puri Died while heart attack detail Photos
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