Pratyeka Hoda AP Demands Special Status Live Updates Vizag

AP Demands Special Status Live Updates Vizag

The special status (ప్రత్యేక హోదా) of the instruments with the aim of peaceful protesting in all the districts of the state, irrespective of political parties, public associations, student groups moving. The movement inspired by successful jallikattu in Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh on August 26 for the special status of the district centers of the Republic Day, youth groups called for a peaceful participate concerned to take up the YSR Congress. To intensify the movement in the eyes of the rulers said. Congress, the Left and other parties Satta, BC unions and other mass organizations also titles set for a special status.

The oppression of the government conspiracy The government has taken all measures for the special status yelled vocals. Ekkadikakkada protesters to block the state police forces will be deployed heavily. The state police announced that anxiety is not allowed any kind of events. Section 144 imposed in various places. Cekpostulu was set up. Who wants to take part in the movement for the particular status of the opposition leaders, mass organizations, youth leagues are now planning to take control of the representatives prematurely. To protest government restrictions on the number of youth involved.

Jagan and Pawan Kalyan Special Status AP Pratyeka Hoda Sadhana Meeting:

RK Beach to protest the arrival of pics RK Beach in Visakhapatnam conducted by the arrival of people has already started to display cannula candles. Vaiessarsipi the President, the opposition leader YS Jagan himself Mohan Reddy participants in this program. The success of Castle Junction City from Thursday through Bhanwad exhibition held candles to the junction of Ambedkar. YSR lit candles at the crossroads in the center of Srikakulam district in the case of the special status of the government in protest over the manner. Eluru in West Godavari district Candle exhibition held at the Centre. While the existing Section 144, Section 30 is also being implemented from Tuesday. Kakinada in East Godavari district headquarters, as well as candles, almost completed preparations for the show. Five hours in the evening, starting from the statue of YSR near Kakinada RTC Complex candle from the center of the display to continue. Guntur to undertake protest actions of the leaders, the young people were involved in the arrangements.

Anantapur until the late Chief Minister YS candles at the statue of the taken up a tremendous performance. YSR Kadapa district, the heart of the rally will be held candles. Candles and carried out a large-scale rally in the city on Wednesday and teens. Kurnool district, the center of the concern that the arrangements for the program have been completed. Taralirakunda district police station inspections are the name of the people is over. The streets were full of candles from Chittoor to arrange the rally leaders. Ongole is set at candle display. Of the Ambedkar statue of Gandhi's statue in the center of the Nellore district decided to hold a large-scale protest rally candles.

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