Xiaomi Christmas sale 2016 discount on Mi 5 and Power banks

Xiaomi Christmas Offer 2016 December discount on Mi 5 mobile and Power banks.

Christmas gift Xiaomi announced bumper discounts. '' Very Me Christmas Sale '' Me under 5 smart Phone, coupons, accessories. On Wednesday said it would offer discounts on things like siyomi. These discounts are available to customers from Monday to Wednesday to hold the company said. However, this offer is just for their on sale Mi.com/in purchase through the store Xiaomi  said to them.

Snap! Dragon 820 processor Xiaomi Me 5 with the launch of the first phone. Rs 3,000 discount on the price of this phone under the Christmas Sale The company is offering. This phone is available for Rs 19,999 centers offer customers. Rs .24,999 to the launch of the price of the phone has been reduced to Rs .22,999. Currently, the company is offering a discount K is available on the Rs 19,999. However, it is only for a limited duration. But just Xiaomi Me 5 Smart Phone On the company reduced the price. Other popular RedMe Series Smart Phones, the company has no offers.

Me 5 SmartPhone On the discount mah Power Bank with Rs 600 to Rs 20,000 with a discount on the price of .1,899 The company is offering. Similarly, the Rs 300 flat discount on the price of 10,000 mah power bank To offer. The offer price of Rs 1,799-year pro with Me in the Head Phones Rs .1,599 to the will. US Me Be a fan Rs to .149 (original price Rs 249), L Me Ed light Rs 199 (original price Rs 249) Getting access.
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