Top Best Free Popular Android apps in 2016 Download

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Photo any document or photo scanning to easily scan and save smartphones, Google released the app. In this app Android, iOS operating system platforms available with. Through which their photos, documents can be scanned easily. Scan the photos is the ability to save photos to Google through a tap. This App is available on Wednesday.

These top 10 best android apps download freeway:

Google Opinion Rewards,  Avast Antivirus & Security, Greenify, Clean Master, Tasker, Next Lock Screen, Opera Max, Pocket, WifiMapper.

Personal Finance Management App Walnut solution to the shortage of cash in the market, has a facility attached to his app. Close to 18 million users by the walnut can be aware of who cash in any ATM. They are urgently needed cash to ATMs near all seeing  currently engulfing the scenes. Walnut user that someone has to take the cash  ATM, how many people there are in the queue from the app collects details, such as walnut. ATM is located in the lower queue, the queue of those, who do not have the cash ATM Green, Orange, refers to the colour grey.

Top Best Free Popular Android apps in 2016 Download
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