#Jio Digital Life 4G Next Offer What to expect announcement Reliance?

#Jio free unlimited voice, video call, SMS and unlimited data Offer Extended to march 2017 from reliance.

Jio 4G LTE Network Bush was born and offers the sensation of heartburn for bringing existing telecom companies Reliance jio, another new offer Its way to the market with. Feature phones have plans to launch 4G capability. Sontancesukuni new categories of people, millions of feature phones to impress customers as the launching of the telecom venture Reliance Jio Infocomm is helping a lot. Bring to market a new generation of this device The price is also very cheap as Rs 1000 seems to remain.

Reliance Jio 4G Tariff Plans: News, Sim Card, Preview, Broadband This device The enormous voice, video calling, digital content that will be relevant sources said. The company belongs to Mukesh Ambani, Voice Over technology to bring feature phones, these phones are mostly used for calls to rural, markets, customers Tier -2.

Reliance Jio Live Announce Today:

Jio intended to all sorts of people in the country, for the first time in the data used to target customers of this device S coming to the market, he said. Still, India Is the largest market in the 2G feature phones. 1 billion mobile phone Subscribers of more than  this feature phones. technology to make calls over the voice channel offer. Currently, this technology is also just smart Is only available for phones.

how to watch and more Reliance Jio's 'New Welcome Offer' Flame Of Truth :

But Reliance Jio to bring the feature This technology will become available to the phones. Rs 1000, Rs 1500 prices, the development of Reliance phones will feature two of them, is likely to launch in January-March, the official said. Smart Phones, similar to the device, just touch the screen, which only mentions miss. jio voice over feature phones  up with the technology, the market will shake  other telecom companies.
#Jio Digital Life 4G Next Offer What to expect announcement Reliance?
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