Reliance Jio New Year Offer Free Data, Calls ends March 31, 2017

#Jio Happy New Year Offer Free Data, Calls ends on march 31.

Creating new records  the start of the telecom sector, Reliance Jio. A short period of time up to the start of the new history written by the first company to achieve 24 million customers. The number of users to 16 million in the first half of the month, the company announced in September that the number of 30 to 24 million, it said.

However, the growing number of customers to provide the right services to the jio? The question remains in question. Within a few days, the number of users to 16 million jio -mentioned 4G network speed is too low and has also landed complaints. Besides, Troy was ranked last jio 4G networks.

In response to this, the use of jio-data to more than one per day, 4 GB to those commenting looks to be the difference in speed. The number of customers has reached 24 million, with the announcement of the latest jio-speed Internet is growing speculation that further to drop. However, the world's largest data provider, jio. China Mobile, Vodafone Global's jio Locations include the following.
According to data released by Reliance Industries Ltd .. jio tier -2 cities are the highest users. Gujarat, of which 1.5 million customers, T has 1.2 million customers in the first two Locations. New Delhi, Mumbai and other cities, only very few people used jio.

The telecom giant Airtel, Vodafone -1 tier cities have strong coverage. As  to prevent them from breaking jio-tier cities, which hold -1 do not turn jio difficulties. Well, jio Come on offer at the beginning of usernames, march 31st, 2017 and must be recharged for the users of the net.

Jio harassing lack of inter-connected points. Janavariloga certainly problems with this issue, the company . Gujarat, after Telangana, Tamil Nadu, Punjab, Delhi, Kerala, West Bengal.
Jio Free Data, Calls Till March 31 Happy New Year Offer
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