RBI new 20 rupees 50 rupess notes 2016 with L Series currency in india

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The new 20, 50 rupees notes Reserve Bank would be announced on Sunday. The current 20, Rs 50 banknotes, the central bank also said it would be circulated.

The new 20, 50 and only small changes are worth note. Design, security features are the same as the old banknotes. Rs 20 banknotes in the number of new panel Set Letter As the 'L' will be the central bank said. The new panel is 50 rupees note number? In the? Is set to receive the letter said. 500 central government, the central bank has been revoked, the new 500 notes of Rs 1000, Rs 2000, as part of the release notes.

New Twenty and fifty rupees notes 2016 India:

Reserve Bank of India (RBI) will soon be Rs 20, Rs 50 will be issued new banknotes. 'L' series, the format is about Rs 20 notes. The existing Rs 20, Rs 50 notes to be made clear that circulate intact.
Rs 500, a thousand notes to disband the notorious decision taken by the central government, the central bank has towards this. The problem is particularly severe due to the retailer and Rs 20, Rs 50 banknotes to be printed.

"The Reserve Bank will shortly issue Rs 20 notes. Mahatma Gandhi Series-2005 as part of the 'L' series, the format of the new notes. RBI governor over the year 2016 along with the signature is printed Patel, "the central bank said in a statement. full safety standards following the new banknotes, the central bank said.
RBI new 20 rupees 50 rupess notes 2016 with L Series in india
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