Nokia 150 Dual Sim New Model Basic Mobile Phone rs, 1800 India

New basic model Nokia 150 with dual sim at rupees 1800 only.

Those who are familiar with Nokia phones using the mobile phone. Basic handset division was once the highest sales. Phinlyandku had bought the  global Nokia brand. The company's two basic phones, released on Tuesday. Nokia 150, Nokia 150 dual titles to be released in the market. The phones will be available to customers in the new year, the company said. The price is about 26 dollars (about Rs 1,800) Global said.

The iconic technology company, Microsoft, to date, the Nokia 216, has launched a new mobile phone market. Its price is Rs .2,495. The dual camera, dual SIM, FM radio, MP3, video player, Bluetooth audio support, 1,020 mah battery, memory card support, the company said that there are many specialties.

Apps can be downloaded from the Opera Mobile Store users, as well as up to 2,000 contacts can be saved, it said. Black, gray, blue colors not available to users of these phones available in India from Dec 24 to come.

Nokia 150 and Nokia 150 Dual SIM feature Price:

Nokia phones are brand new again and will market the tab. Nokia Android-powered smartphones will be released by the end of 2016, an official statement said. Finland-based Nokia, the brand rights he ends the Nokia-branded phones are sold to the global market will be the first time.

According to Nokia executive Mike Wang said will be available in three new smart phones. While these two smart phones, tablet. The new branded Nokia device to become available in the market in 2016 and 2017 .opened. In 2014, Microsoft, Nokia, Nokia's brand name for the agreements reached so far with the . no device to be enabled. In addition to plants grown in the past Nokia phones, the latest phones, the device is manufactured by the company Global he ends According to the Finnish company. He ends the next ten years to the Global Nokia-branded mobiles, tablets, early this year, Nokia .. to make a special license issued in the wake of the latest Nokia phones will be on the market.

Coming Soon Nokia phones on the market .. Samsung Galaxy S -7 Edge, Galaxy S seems to be along the lines of -7. 2 K resolution display with 5.2, 5.5 inches, along with IP 68 certification, water, dust-proof, these new Nokia-branded phones are expected to be released in the month of July, rumors.
Nokia 150 and Nokia 150 Dual SIM feature Price
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