How to Use AP Purse Mobile App Download Transfer Money in Online

ap purse mobile app download uses online money transfer.

The people of the state to promote the transaction'AP purse' chief Chandrababu Naidu announced the launch of a mobile app. Command Control Centre in a function held at Vijayawada on Tuesday that he has rediscovered this app. App operators for the campaign 'change AP purse of 13 banks, 10 mobile apps, mobile apps are going to be a chance to get six more, he said .Easily secure cash-free transactions, which could be easily added. AP purse phone, someone, they know, has offered an incentive of Rs 15 download arm. Worldwide, seven cash-free transactions per month, Rs 35 and Rs 20 .. offered to give.

AP purse as well as the bankers, mobile apps separately  incentive to approximately Rs 15. App downloads will be brought up to a total of Rs.50. .. To digital, with emphasis on financial literacy and youth come forward. It works for all students studying in colleges. Per month for the 4 - 5 thousand  skills increases. CM called on the youth in the villages and villages, digitally altered. In addition to changing the encouragement given to the people in the village .. Since the whole village be given extra encouragement.

Villages with a population of less than two thousand to Rs 15 thousand, 25vela villages with a population of less than Rs 25 thousand, 510 villages with a population of between Rs 50 thousand, 10 thousand on the incentive given Rs one lakh population. A similar app is designed to be the world's chief said on Wednesday. ... Tuesday morning on the review daily cash banks Rs .2040 crore, he said. Friday, next week, there is likely to be Rs 500 notes.

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How to download AP Purse Wallet:

Just go on Google Play for android devices.

Then search for ap purse mobile app.

Now click the icon after installing yourself.

After download ap purse app then use.

Rs 10 lakh cash was given to the case The use of computers have complained that some of the most preferred  to come  now they have increased the ease of a computer, Naidu said the chief saying. That is, once the bank cash, checks received after, mobile now. TDP Rs 30 thousand to give the new one purpose  of checking if given without any cash, the then Chief case.

AP purse to download Go to the Google Play Store can download the option of clicking on your name, number, and asks cellphone ... Once they enter the number of your phona number comes an otp. Enter the number to be download. If opena serve the 13 banks, 10 are found in mobile apps. you select them for handling financial transactions.
How to Use AP Purse Mobile App Download Transfer Money in Online
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