How to download and use BHIM app in android mobile phone

#BHIM #UPI #App Prime Minister Narendra Modi to online trastations for digital payments:

BHIM App For Digital Payments Where to Download just on google play store to use all options and also make payments online cashless.

The cancellation of the notes was to help the poor  Prime Minister Modi. With the end of today's most critical issues, people who deposit the old banknotes addressed to Prime Minister Modi. He participated Mela in Delhi. To facilitate digital transactions Bhim a new app called The Modi unveiled. Said the lucky draw schemes to promote the launch of digital transactions.

Rs 50 for those with digital transactions these gifts, Ambedkar's birth anniversary was the first to draw the start. In addition to the 15 thousand people in the lucky draw of the Hundred Days', Rs 10. App Bhim country Said to be unique in sbi, axis, icici, hdfc, citi bank, punjab narional bank.

Govt Aadhar BHIM App For Digital Payments:

How to download use BHIM app in andriod mobile phone
App discovery of your fingers on the occasion of your future Bhim Singh said, Modi. India is the newest of your fingers. In the coming days and called for the people to launch mobile financial transactions, also does not require the Internet, through the fingerprint transactions. "Bhim app is not universal. Transactions can complete in just five minutes. Ambedkar, architect of the Constitution Solid tribute to this app Get started. This app will make you, your family financial expert, "he said Modi.

Ready for a change in the country, said the technology was ready also common. EVMs to revolutionize the creation of the Congress in the elections. Marabotundannaru the country's form of digital payments. "Until three years ago and spoke about what's seen in the scam. What comes now, what happens is heard gain. Does not say specifically. Optimistic that the government will provide more opportunities, "he said.

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