How to Book Uber Bike taxi sharing service UberMOTO app

How to share #uber #byke service on uber #app.

The newness of the new year, the feeling of having fun in front of Stretch out on the go, the excitement of getting acquired. Sharing the busiest routes, autos, buses to reach the city from January next year will not be necessary. Bikes can ride comfortably. Uber is providing this facility in India. Moto bikes Tuesday Uber started in his Camp Office Chief KCR.

TRS chief K. Uber Chandrasekhar Rao, founder and CEO Travis met on Tuesday. Uber after President Amit Jain of India, Hyderabad Metro Rail Limited   Reddy, MD Uber-Moto services was signed. Travis , Telangana was announced in the presence of top officials. Andajeyabotunnaru these services in order to be connected directly to the metro stations. Uber Moto bike-sharing in order to travel through the representatives of the company will have to pay Rs 20 to three kilometers, he said. To pay Rs 5 per subsequent kilometer. Bike drivers to provide the training, he said.

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Uber-Moto lanching Click for photos Speaking at a press conference Travis innovative, progressive government, praised the government is supportive of Telangana. The company is headquartered in San Francisco, most of their employees, followed by the cities of San Francisco, said that Hyderabad. Minister for Transport and IT Minister also participated in the event. In order to establish a campus in Hyderabad, Telangana IT secretary, said Ranjan James persuaded Travis. Uber is headquartered in San Francisco, said the outside most jobs in Hyderabad. Hyderabad will be the employees of the department, more than 2 thousand.

Uber bike-sharing service launched in March this year. Regulatory issues facing the service. Telangana taking measures such problems transport branch, said a senior official. This is also from Bangalore, began service in March. Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam and other countries are also available supermoto.

How to Book Uber bike?

Ubarmoto Uber app to download cell phone service to no avail. The motto of the Uber app option to make a choice. Ekkalanukuntunnaro notify the place where the bike. Must be booked later. As soon as the bikes are going to arrive at the passenger, the driver's name, tells Uber photos. In addition to the driver, the helmet will be ready to become a person who travels on it. Before each journey, a journey, and then keep tight security standards. GPS Tracking System, 2-way feedback,  are opportunities to inform about the journey. After the end of the journey in cash fares, pay online. Bangalore is the same way now. Hyderabad is also likely to be roughly the same. Bangalore, the minimum charge of Rs 15, Rs 3 per kilometer charged Uber representatives said. The Uber-determined prices to be slightly higher in Hyderabad, according to the charges. Hyderabad minimum charge of Rs 20, Rs 5 per kilometer charged Uber said. Already, such bikes and ride had enjoyed doing.
How to Book Uber Bike taxi sharing service UberMOTO app

#How to Book #Uber #Bike #taxi sharing service UberMOTO #app

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