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"Your mobile phone to your bank. 'Debit, credit cards .. Use this  after the withdrawal of the notes being widely promoted by the government to steer people toward cashless transactions. However, it can not be limited to the people .. there's no way the government online Government e-Market GeM Modi government had planned. electric turbines off the pins .. the way everything had to buy on-line. For this purpose, the Government e-Marketplace 'as the online portal launched by the e-Procurement. See photos of the objects in the same way as the rest of the online Portals .. comparing the price of other sites to choose. The purchases. Government money, time can be saved. Everything will be recorded in the calculation. Set the tone for transparency. Most importantly, a chance to stop corruption. Rs .170.85 lakh crore worth of one-fifth of the national economy through its purchases consider is held.

Advanced strategy Corruption, black money, making efforts to curb the Narendra Modi government, a decision was taken on November 8. 86 per cent of the country's currency was taking back. However, another key action already taken by the government to make purchases, cash-free. Last August, the government embarked on the e-market platform. This was already happening transactions of Rs 39 crore. Its arrival in competitiveness, improve transparency, officials said much. Purchase directly from vendors on each transaction, which was at least 10% of public money might be saved. All state governments, public companies, defense, railway components are also involved, such as GDP, 20% of purchases through this portal's going to happen. Modi has undertaken an ambitious digital India, India manufacturing, a key reforms such as the withdrawal of the notes is expected to become the focal point of the e-market. already started training its employees on the use of the state government.

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CREATE AN ACCOUNT HOD Registration For SAG / JS or above level Officer only.

Automated online registration is limited to Officials having email ending with or which is created after proper verification by Competent Authority. For others official email ids(government provided e.g., etc.), after online application on GeM portal, applicant is also required to send scan copy of physical form. Physical form may be downloaded only after online application by primary user. Primary user account will be activated within two working days after receiving the scanned copy of physical form.

Account with private email ids (e.g. google, yahoo etc.) will not be activated on GeM portal.

Before registration, please go through the FAQs, TERMS AND CONDITIONS and USER mannaul under SUPPORT TAB on GeM website for better understanding of GeM.

As soon as the payments In the present paper, which is the government want to purchase cars .. tendering process has been used to protect the equipment. He remained away from local suppliers. Some vendors are increasing the prices of goods in league. The new e-system vendors across the country, anyone can apply for all government purchases. They also relaxed rules Finance 10 days to make payments. The vendors unless you need to wait up to two months. Seemingly corrupt officials could abuse. However, purchases made by the government to protect the personal information of employees is to take action as necessary. Abuse of bio metric information .. Despite the shortcomings have yet to be identified. to do it because of their phone number, give details as Aadhaar cards. transactions will be made by the individual.

Further major expansion the number of e-government portal ahead of the market is expected to reach 2 million, at the same time is expected to 5 thousand transactions. 9.108 employees across the country, 469 of which are already in government departments, 1,259 registered vendors. There are 2,534 Purchases of goods. The defense, even when the railway branches to grow further. If implemented in full scale .. Transparency, equal to the capacity of the world Procurement system is not in doubt. Government e-Market Online Shopping Wesbite in India Government e-Market Online Shopping Wesbite in India
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