Atm Swipe Discount on Petrol, Online Train Tickets, Lic Insurance

Digital Payment through atm swipe of credit or debit card gets discount on petrol, toll plaza, online train tickets, lic policies.

Motorists will be effective from midnight to the relief provided by the central government. Through digital payments in petrol and diesel by 0.75 per cent discount for those who  zooming. Centre to promote cashless transactions announced this subsidy. Debit, credit cards, cash paid by the-Vale or mobile Vale this exemption applies to them.

On petrol and 49 paise, 41 paise per liter on diesel subsidy given. Three days later, the money paid by the customer's credit card to go in rebates, according to Indian Oil Corporation. Petrol price in Delhi is Rs. 66.10, the price of diesel is Rs .54.57.

Discount on Petrol, Online Train Tickets, Lic Insurance Cash Less by Digital Payment:

The cancellation of the old notes and completed during the month to promote cashless transactions on the 8th of this month, Finance Minister Arun Jaitley had announced several incentives. Non-cash transactions in the wake of the cancellation of the old notes increased 20 to 40 percent, Finance Minister Arun Jaitley. Expensive cash transactions, so cash transactions . The old banknotes to cancel the press conference he held today, Thursday completed a month. According to the schedule is the supply of money in all areas of the central bank, said on this occasion. Announced several incentives to promote cashless transactions.

Subsidies are Rs 2000 thousand in the digital mode to cancel the transaction, service tax
10 villages with a population of over two  pos machines free
Petroleum products by 0.75 percent discount for those who purchase the cards
Kisan credit card rule cards granted to farmers
In the public sector insurance companies will pay 8 percent premium reduction
Suburban train tickets via credit card purchase at a lower cost to 0.50 percent,
Mumbai suburban trains run from 1 January
If booking through a 5 per cent discount on Digital Money
Railway tickets can be purchased on-line at Rs them. 10 lakh insurance
If the 10 per cent discount at the toll plaza card payments.
Atm Swipe Discount on Petrol, Online Train Tickets, Lic Insurance Cash Less by Digital Payment
Digital compensation of up to 0.75 per cent discount petrol station conforms to the decision at midnight on Monday. The center is one of only a few days ago to announce the decisions to promote transactions. Petrol, diesel purchase debit, credit cards, this discount is available for those who have used a mobile wallet. It is the customer's account within three days would be like.

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