Boy died due to an electric shock on a power pole shocking video

The boy died due to electric shock to get a kite on a power pole.

Kite caught in power cables for the tower, boarded a boy killed by electrocution. Chevella in Ranga Reddy district took place in the town on Monday. Electrical wires saw the boy lying dead there, meant a lot to them. Locals, according to the police .. BIKSHAPATHI, their second son Jan gamma anthill Charan (10), where the government was in the second grade. In addition to the papers and sold them for scrap Jan gamma killed BIKSHAPATHI  son plays worker performs. two days ago with the arrival of the holidays, the son of the uncle Suresh  sent home. 

Monday afternoon Charan flying kite string caught in the current. Climb the tower fell, died of electrocution after taking it out of the wires. The locals noticed that the family members, the police informed. Transco personnel arriving on the scene, police  lower body power supply is cut off.
Boy dies due to an electric shock on a power pole shocking video
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