Apple iPhone 8 dual sim mobile model soon

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Frustrated that the provision of dual-SIM iPhone However, the good news for you. iPhones are two SIM cards will soon become as you want. Apple's patent rights in relation to the date received.
Three to four years the market demand for dual SIM phones has increased heavily. 

However, in countries such as India and China too much ... However, an increase in demand so far, Apple did not bring dual-SIM phone market. The deficit now to focus on the two sim phones. Recently, Apple has patents in the United States with respect to the dual-SIM technology. China, an official of the company to date has given permission.

iPhone 8 Dual Sim Mobile available stores in U.S., South Korean, Japan, Australia and Western Europe, India.

iPhone 8 with Dual-Sim:

Apple entered the smartphone market decade. So many changes aiphon8lo It will be released next year. As part of these changes, there is a possibility that offers dual-SIM.
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