Amazon Prime Air Drone Delivery Track Order on Online Shopping

#AmazonPrimeAir delivery by #drone Track the order.

Online shopping is growing day to day basis. Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal as the companies contracted to offer services for all types of material. If the Internet in order to put the customer at the time of the scheduled delivery boy provides items made to order. Amazon, however, the focus is slightly different. Place of delivery drones boy. Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos said on his Twitter account.

Of course, you did Service to provide customers the fastest products through Amazon, the company has decided to give drones through the Service. As a person from the city of Cambridge in England, by e-mail Fire TV, popcorn gave the order. In just 13 minutes to give the order to the customer to ensure the delivery of items given by the drone. Calculus, however, wondered whether the customer is true, according to the company Buy Refrigerator, LED TV, Washing Machine, Smartphone, Watches, Mobiles, Tablets, Furniture, Appliances, Speakers, Headphone, Timmer, Jeans, Cotton Pants, Laptops, Power banks, Mobiles Accessories, Combo Offers on top companies like Samsung, moto, puma, lives by quality products Christmas stores online.

Amazon has a new record for an online trading giant. The drone was first through the door delivery. The drone flying at an altitude of 400 feet to 13 minutes, provided the goods to the customer's order. Attended by a person who had ordered the drone packet of popcorn were successfully delivered amazon staff. Drone to attach the object to the delivery of video taken from the Amazon has released it. Practically, the process for delivery by December Drone took seven to five pounds, they said the decision to take delivery of the goods to 30 minutes.

Once you put your mobile on the go at the shop there inside anyone want to wear the bag out of the bag, without any billing hold! How is it? Just imagine! It is not just limited to speculation. Also came from the implementation phase of experiments. This process broke new ground in his own store in the United States for the first time in the Amazon.

How to check drone order track in amazon prime air:

Wondering, However, look at the details Billing is now the main problem in most shops. Despite a large number of billing. This makes more people in the queue many buyers. But the queues are too long on the weekends. He moved to solve technology by organizations such as the Amazon.

"Goto the beginning of the Amazon  Retail, e-commerce giant Amazon hydrological this technology, 'Amazon' go 'in the name of a store opened in Seattle in the United States. No, counters in this shop for billing. Outlets do, on the user's smartphone, "Go" open the entrance app to scan. After that, go into the backpack may bring desirable goods. Self-driving computer vision, sensor fusion, deep learning technology used by the company. The customer can select any product from the shelves and pull, to get back to where they found the technology. Quickly discovers that the customer possessions. All of which cast a virtual cart. out of the shop at the exit from the user's Amazon account payments completed out without any billing issues. That's the story.
Amazon Prime Air Drone Delivery Track Order on Online Shopping
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