Watch Live Super Moon Closer to Earth Full Castle in Sky Tonight Nov 2016

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The sky on July 14 (Monday) will be a spectacular panorama of one largest, brightest full moon in nearly 70 years. Every full moon day, the day of the moon (Super Moon), most of the larger, brighter seen. In 1948, looking much the same lines of the moon, on Monday after 70-year-old scientists say so.  will orbit the moon, so sometimes coming close to Earth, NASA said.

Moon at sunset on Monday, 14 percent larger and 30 percent brighter seen. Along the lines of the 'Super Moon' again seen in 2034. Sunset on Monday, would remain tremendously, do not miss this opportunity to NASA's scientist said, Noah Petro. But the clouds did not support the researchers say wait for the next opportunity.

Watch Live Streaming Supermoon in Sky:

Miracle in the sky on the 14th of this month. Over the past 70 years, that day ever comes close to the Earth to the moon. 14 percent larger, with 30 percent of the moon will appear brighter. For two hours, from 5.45 pm in the evening sky, this miracle is revealed.

On the same day of the full moon of Kartik was also achieved prominence. Like the moon did not have a chance to see it again, except now until 2034, say scientists.
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