US election 2016 live results forecast who win American president?

US election 2016 live results forecast who win American president?: The United States presidential election, 2016 Winning the US presidential election, Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton, the poll found that the surveys said. But most of the popular search engine Google, Google said  about the Republican candidate Donald Trump. Report was released. Trump seems to be more and more about the Google tracked. Trump campaign spoke mostly immigrants, abortion, race,  learning about the economy were the top five on the list  expert Jason said.

US election 2016 Latest results forecast who win American president? Prior to the election, people are interested in knowing that information about them will be shown. During the 2012 election, more and more people how to vote, "the search .. this year's election, which takes place in the 'Where to vote" on whether said. During the great powers Google 'vote that has set up a special Doodle. The doodle will vote on this in various languages. Clicking on the to the necessary information, information about the nearest polling station.

Live updates and results who win US election 2016:

US presidential election began. Democratic Party candidate Hillary Clinton and Republican Trump There is fierce competition between. There are some states  stronghold. Focused on the two states to preserve their strength, which is neutral. Support any party slate, especially in the States. They are the result of a vote on the voting day. The two candidates on the banks of the campaign until the last minute. Especially in swing states like Florida, was the focus of both the North Trump to give the lead ..

Donald to give the lead to the Arizona state seats to achieve a majority. In the last election, Republican Mitt Romney, saying the two states was support in the last election. Florida, Ohio, Iowa states trump lead. Are very important in the state of with 20 votes and became the Hillary for the win.

States focused on this issue in view of the three Trump. However, voters in the three states, but did not advance much. They said their vote on polling In addition to these three states, North Carolina, Florida, the prospect of at least a majority in a single state, Clinton is improving more and more.
US election 2016 results forecast who win American president?
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