The New US President Donald Trump 2016 Live News America

The New US President Donald Trump 2016 Live News America: Donald Trump won the presidency Republican candidate for the US presidential elections, pushing the lead to complete Donald trump. With the success of the key state of Florida, political analysts say he would win. The state has 29 electoral votes to be. In addition to Florida, Michigan, North Carolina,  and other states Republicans are making significant achievements.

Were reversed. The estimate is wrong. Exit? Polls, the media victory of Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton, the US presidential elections, and to reverse the unprecedented defeat of the  .. everyone's expectations, unexpectedly won the Republican Party candidate Donald Trump. The highly anticipated world saw the lead change hands .. hour, marathon-running US presidential election as if you Counting Me? Sensational win in the Trump. Won 267 votes of the 538 votes in the Electoral College, the Trump. 270 are located at a distance of just three votes in the majority mark. Is Trump the current trend in the results to almost. Hillary lost 215 votes. Full results soon arise.

Trump, 27, a total of 51 states in the United States, Hillary Clinton won 18 states. 6 other states, is scheduled to report results. Cesukuntundaga celebrating the success of his followers would trump testing, Hillary fans were drowned in the tragedy. Full results Hillary supporters despair she returned from the residence. Trump has become a bustling camp.

Counting began on Wednesday morning, according to the IST Trump stood at the forefront of the preliminary results, soon took the lead on Hillary. Trump stormed soon. About 58 were more votes than Hillary Trump at some stage. Trump is the Electoral College 167, Hilary, won 109 votes When Trump was leading the Indian stock markets, including Asia, the Americas markets collapsed heavily The California election results, Hillary .. Trump the re-took the lead. 190 Hilary, Trump won 186 votes.Trump came to the forefront again after a delay. Trump then continued at the same pace, could lead over Hillary.Trump went on to victory in the presidential seat has almost gone the key state 45th President of the United States, the figure is the highest at the trump history to be elected to this post
The New US President Donald Trump 2016 Live News
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