@Modi survey app on 500 2000rs demonetisation online download

Govt 500rs, 1000 rs banned survey by pm modi app to give feedback questions for new 500 and 2000 rupees notes in India. Narendra Modi app free download India PM Modi people to rate demonetisation in-app survey in Hindi and English language.

After a fortnight in the country, notes the cancellation of the direct feedback from the public about the decision taken by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday said the Narendra Modi - Android Apps on Google Play. He adopted the method, however, is not in any way. In order to express the opinion of the people, "one app release announced. Was released. In his questions to the App.

Modi's decision to abolish notes satirise this app can not be much. He is the subject of the questions posed to anyone looking at it would go quickly. He asked ten questions, or are not There are going to be high.

How to download narendra modi survey app apk android:

Just go to the google play then type the modi survey.

Then click the right up column button.

Now take 10 questions survey.

what is the 10 questions Modi app survey on demonetisation:

1. Black Money in India wants to see that

2. In India, corruption, black money fight, you want to eliminate them

3. Black Money, corruption, terrorism can be useful for the abolition of the cancellation of the notes Are you sure "Questions, such as the right, whether or not to answer.

Due to the cancellation of the notes 4 real estate, higher education, medical treatment will be available to the common man feel "Questions, such as fully accept, partially accept or say nothing Something to give the answer.

I agree that the decision to the extent to which the Modi App Download Narendra Modi App a given cycle.  finger of the voter is the cycle. How to rotate the wheel, or the app, which was developed to allocate  more  know. This is another technique. Five questions to answer the ten questions. Only pre-registered voter, the app can use it only once.

Androids, aivoes, smartphone mobile this app works with Windows. How many people in this country are the people smort phones What of those who suffer from the community Cancel the banknotes in the country today, the poor and the minorities people, retail traders are more difficulties? Does their smartphones They also told how, at least the ones you know In 2015, the mobile Internet in India, "a nationwide survey, just 9 percent of the rural population, it was found that mobile technology is not available. people do not know who has access to Internet. The pulse of the rural population due to a hasty decision Modi will know how much suffering Who are you to answer these questions Google Play, Apple Appstore, Windows Phone app that anyone can download for free from the store enem.
@Narendra Modi app survey 500 2000rs demonetisation on your mobile

@Narendra Modi app survey 500 2000rs demonetisation on your mobile

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