Jana Sena Party Pawan Kalyan Participate MLA from Anantapur on 2019 Elections

Jana Sena Party Pawan Kalyan Participate MLA from Anantapur on 2019 Elections: Andhra Pradesh. Unless a man is not a man who runs away when it comes to issues Jana Sena chief, said the actor Pawan Kalyan. Endakaina fight said  heel. Anantapur on Thursday evening held a special status. Pawan said Seemandhra rights awareness in the House. More Jawani tribute to the brave front. Transport said after the meeting that was scheduled to come back two weeks later in Anantapur, bordering the Indian soldiers Did not appropriate to speak of a special status at the time of the martyrdom of late so I had to keep going to the House.

Pawan Kalyan Jana Sena Anantapur Meeting highlights:

This means that  Anantapur, drought up to being trapped in a love for the district, he said. The average score of myself .. Assessee  holder attended, so I had to study very carefully the statement announcing the package, said Pawan. Simply speak the language when it comes for a vote .. but hard to give anything away in terms of the situation that will come to speak the language said.

That is why the release of the study made by the experts of all kinds of special package notification learned the full details, we must give new  except that the end had come, he said. Was package stale brownies, my intention was not worth. Closed the doors of Parliament to divide the state, the ministers said Pepper sprays beat.
Pawan Kalyan Jana Sena Participate MLA from Anantapur on 2019 Elections
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