@Govt employees withdrawal 10,000rs limit demonetization form atm bank on salary day

#state or central govement employees can take 10 thousand rupees on salary day rbi clear.

Exchange of 500 and 1000 rs old currency govt employees can get new 500 and 2000 rupees note on 10000 rupees limit from bank atm. RBI relaxes withdrawal norms, nudges retailers to deposit cash Telangana government employees have received sweet summoned. On the 1st of next month salary of 10 thousand employees of the Reserve Bank of India has agreed to  cash. Spicy notes the decision of the central bank of the country and in the face of difficulties relief workers.

How much amount govt employees can take the salary from the bank:

Mindful of the old notes, banks, ATMs do not seem to take the cash. Where seen: "No Cash"  boards. In the wake of this month's salary to the government in the form of cash by the employer, associations have appealed to the RBI.

On the other hand, the government set up a special counter, along with the employees of the banks, which will allow the bank to draw out of making arrangements to accommodate the Telangana government information.
@Govt employees withdrawal 10,000 rs demonetization form atm bank on salary day
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